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Yoga for Educators Workshop

with Kavita Patel & Jenna Hewitt King


Embodied Teaching: How Yoga Can Enhance Social and Emotional Well-Being for Teachers and Students is designed to meet the needs of the teacher and their students. We live in a high speed, fast paced environment that can be taxing to our spirit and sense of self. As educators specifically, the intensity of each day is amplified as we respond to and support young people through a myriad of experiences and emotions.


While this work as teachers is joyful and fulfilling, it can sometimes leave us feeling disconnected, anxious, and overwhelmed. And we know that children and teens experience stress and anxiety just as adults do. Through embodied movement and breathing, children and adults re-discover how to connect to the experience of living in a body and navigating the world through the senses. When we turn inwards and connect to the body and mind, we find we have all the tools we need to live in harmony with our modern-day world.  

This training is unique in that we focus on the teacher and the child. Teachers will experience the benefits of yoga first and then learn tools to share mindful movement and breathing with their students that can be practiced right in the classroom. Practices will be age-appropriate and adaptable to grade-level, physical space, and time. Practicing yoga together creates a unique space where both the child and adult can share each other’s company free of expectations. This training is open to all adults who work with children. We truly look forward to a transformative weekend with you! 

  • August 3 & 4, 2024

  • 1:00 - 6:00pm

  • Register here to attend


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Kavita Patel was introduced to yoga in college when she was pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. She practiced yoga during her movement and vocal training. Kavita found that it grounded and relaxed her for performances. It was not until the birth of her first child that she was deeply drawn to yoga. Kavita needed to reconnect with her body and find a place of peace within herself. Yoga has given Kavita that and so much more. She finds solace in her practice and sense of empowerment for having an understanding of how her body moves through space. Kavita completed her 200-hour training in 2012 and her 300-hour in 2023. She is a certified 200-hour E-RYT and RCYT. She is also the owner and founder of Monkey Bear Yoga, a kids yoga company focused on bringing yoga to public schools. Kavita loves to teach because it allows her to share her practice and passion for yoga as a way of life.

Jenna Hewitt King is a high school teacher, wellness advocate, social justice warrior, and yoga teacher. Jenna has an English teaching credential and a Master’s in Education, focusing her research mostly on social justice pedagogies and practices in the classroom. She received her 200-hour yoga certification in 2018 through Breathe for Change, an organization that trains educators and other leaders to bring yoga, mindfulness, and other wellness and restorative practices into classrooms, schools, and communities. She has a passion for bringing yoga and wellness to kids, teens, parents, and educators. She currently hosts professional development for educators within her district. Jenna believes that yoga and mindfulness practices are key to unlocking the full potential of school communities and to creating positive change within communities.


In addition to our commitment to foster an inclusive community that honors all body shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities, we also have a responsibility to make yoga more accessible to communities of color that have historically been underrepresented in wellness spaces and have more often been impacted financially by systemic racism. This is why we offer an optional reduction in cost for students who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color without assuming that all who identify as BIPOC require or want financial support for this program. Please enter the code WELLNESS at checkout. 

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