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Lori Pirri (she/her)


Lori has been a student of yoga her whole life. Her mom was a Sivananda yoga teacher, but Lori discovered her own yoga passion in 2006 while seeking a connection to her own breath and a creation to stillness. She realized early on that practiced consistently, yoga was a powerful tool to create physical, mental, and spiritual health. Lori trained with Kate Coughlin at Downtown Yoga with no intention of teaching; however, the beauty and joy of practicing in a community blossomed into the joy of teaching and sharing in a community.

Lori's grounded, cheerful nature invites students to practice compassionate awareness by blending alignment, strength, and play within the poses. As a 500-RYT, Lori has made contributions to the local yoga community working with physical therapists and chiropractors to support patient health through in-clinic wellness programs. More information about Lori:

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