Aubree Haggans

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Aubree loves being a life-long student of yoga and fulfills this with daily practice and studies. Aubree's yoga was born out of the spirit of healing. Deeply inspired by her own life journey, Aubree's greatest intention is to share the therapeutic components of a yoga practice with others. While training at Downtown Yoga, her eyes were opened to a whole new world when she experienced yoga and felt the connection to the breath, quieting of the mind, and an invitation to move beyond just the physical body. Yoga provides a safe space where it's not about achieving, but rather about being. She's an advocate for the transformational qualities of yoga and is honored to be involved in guiding a community of students. Aubree is truly passionate about sharing the deeper dimensions of the practice. Her mission is to bring a healthy and fluent alternative to life's overwhelming pace by helping others reconnect with the present moment. The use of attention to one's breath and dynamic precision through solid alignment helps students of any level harness the power that comes with an understanding of the active relationship between mind, body, and breath. When not on the mat, you’ll find Aubree outdoors hiking and exploring the diverse landscape of California. She believes that life expresses itself through the form of your experience and that the tools of yoga can help you accept your power. She will meet you on the mat with a smile and a heart full of compassion.