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Aubree Gail Haggans

Aubree Haggans_edited_edited.jpg

Alignment-based, Yin

Aubree Gail is a multidisciplinary artist whose principal theme is the interconnectedness of natural rhythms and life. Aubree's greatest intention is to bring a healthy and fluent alternative to life's unconscious pace by helping others reconnect to the body's inherent wisdom. Her spiritual practice explores hybridity within the whole being and the re-imagining of the self, identity, and culture through holistic arts and ancient poetics. Aubree loves being a life-long student of ancestral traditions and fulfills this with daily mindful practice and studies.


Committed to expanding her practice, Aubree Gail has become a certified RYT 500; and profoundly inspired by her own life journey, she advanced her studies in trauma informed yoga and Y12SR. Aubree's relationship with yoga was born out of the spirit of healing and has a pure intention to share the therapeutic components of a conscious yoga practice with others. With life experienced as a biracial female in the colonized states of the western world, Aubree is honored to be serving as a yoga sponsor for teacher training programs. Aubree travels the world with deeply rooted intention to rebuild a stronger bond with the native land and indigenous stories. She believes that life expresses itself through the form of our experience, and reconnecting to the whole being can liberate our relationship with our MIND, BODY, LAND, and SOUL.

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