Meet Our Teachers

April Oquenda_edited.jpg

Vinyasa, Yin, Prenatal

Jenna Hewitt King.jpg

Jenna Hewitt King

Vinyasa, Yoga for Educators

Lisa Vortman.jpg

Lisa Vortman


Corey Izzo

Corey Izzo


Bridget Galli.jpg

Bridget Galli

Alignment-based, Ropes

Joe Sapena.jpg

Joe Sapena


Barbara Lande.jpg

Barbara Lande

Pilates, Restorative

Miche'le Lee.jpg

Miche'le Lee

Vinyasa, Prenatal

Joelle Rude Lemming.jpg

Joelle Rude Lemming

Vinyasa, Kids, Ropes

Michelle Fernandez

Michelle Fernandez

Vinyasa, Prenatal


Susan DeGroat

Alignment-based, Chair

Dana Leipold.jpg

Dana Leipold

Yoga for Healthy Aging

Liz Ross.jpg

Liz Ross

Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative

Aubree Haggans.jpg

Aubree Haggans



Melanie Fernandez

Vinyasa, Yoga for Educators

Erika Ismura.jpg

Erika Isomura

Alignment-based, Kids


Kathleen Randel



Allyssa Brizuela


Meet Our Substitute Teachers

Cindy Keune

Cindy is a home-grown Castro Valley Yoga teacher. Her primary mentor is Nancy Leigh Smith. She was also a student of Eva Kastel and Liz Ross, of CV Yoga fame. Cindy completed the Advanced Studies Program at The Yoga Room in Berkeley in June 2019. She earned her certificate of completion from their 500-hour teaching program. Cindy wants every student to know that yoga is them – wherever you are physically, mentally, or spiritually, yoga can benefit your life.

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