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200-hour Advanced Studies Program


This 200-hour course is designed to help committed practitioners of yoga take another step along their path to deepen their own practice. To align with Yoga Alliance’s RYS Core Curriculum, we will cover four major areas:

  1. Techniques, Training, and Practice

  2. Anatomy and Physiology

  3. Yoga Humanities

  4. Professional Essentials (including practicum and elective work)​


While part of the content will develop your capacity to become a yoga teacher if you desire, the main objective of the course is to offer you a deep dive into the practice of yoga. 



One weekend per month from January 2022 to March 2023.

Saturday 1:00-9:00pm and Sunday 12:45-4:15pm


April Oquenda (PhD, E-RYT 200, RYT 500) is co-owner of CVY and is certified in Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Prenatal Yoga. She is a registered E-RYT 500 through Yoga Alliance. April also holds a PhD in English and brings depth of knowledge in yoga philosophy and spirituality.

Bridget Galli (E-RYT 200, RYT 500) is co-owner of CVY and is certified in Alignment-based, Restorative, and Ropes Yoga. She is also certified in Yoga for Healthy Aging and Accessible Yoga. Bridget specializes in anatomy, alignment, and biomechanics.


First, select the tier below that best aligns with your financial resources.


Second, determine if you'd like to pay in full or sign up for 15 monthly installments:

  • $3500 in full or $235/month (supporting tier)

  • $3000 in full or $205/month (sustaining tier)

  • $2500 in full or $170/month (supported tier)

About our Tiers
  • Supporting: you can comfortably afford food, housing, healthcare, and some financial savings. You can generally afford leisure activities.

  • Sustaining: you may stress about your basic needs, but can usually meet them. Although sometimes stressful, you have some expendable incomes after meeting your monthly expenses.

  • Supported: with less expendable income, you could use extra community support to access the benefits of yoga with a lessened barrier of cost.

Join us!

Grants, &

Optional 50% BIPOC Discount

Castro Valley Yoga offers several opportunities for scholarships, work study, and grants. There is also the Aubree Gail Mentorship/Sponsorship available (see more about Aubree in her bio). Please be sure to contact us if cost is prohibitive in any way to your pursuit of advanced studies. CVY is committed to making yoga equitable and accessible to all in our community! Send us an email to inquire:

At CVY we believe yoga is for EVERY BODY. In addition to our commitment to foster an inclusive community that honors all body shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities, we also have a responsibility to make yoga more accessible to communities of color that have historically been underrepresented in wellness spaces and have more often been impacted financially by systemic racism. This is why we offer an optional 50% reduction in cost for students who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color without assuming that all who identify as BIPOC require or want financial support for this program. Use code WELLNESS at checkout.


2021 Graduate

April and Bridget put on an amazing ASP. Even though things didn't go as planned (thanks pandemic), they were quick to pivot to an online platform for our meetings and made sure to follow-up with every student to see how we were doing emotionally, mentally, and physically. I have learned so much not only about Yoga (the philosophy, the alignment of postures, and the teaching theories) but also about myself during the course of this program. They fostered a true sense of community with all of the ASP students, and I am honored to have been part of it. If you're thinking of deepening your yoga understanding or have a desire to teach someday, I cannot recommend this program enough! 

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