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Miche'le Lee

Vinyasa, Prenatal

Miche’le was introduced to Yoga around 2006, while she was in college. After taking her first class, she knew that Yoga would be a part of her life forever. However, it wasn’t until she gave birth to her son in 2015 when she took her Yoga practice more seriously. This is when she realized that practicing Yoga is more than getting into poses and going to classes; Yoga is a lifestyle! She learned Yoga is a practice that helps strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. She also believes that Yoga has healing attributes and that the combination of a conscious breath, body alignment, and meditation can help you reach a state of mind that allows the body to recover and heal. All of these great gifts that Yoga has to offer led her in the direction of wanting to teach and help others find their best selves. Miche’le teaches Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal, and Postnatal.

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