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Bridget Galli

Bridget began practicing yoga in 2009 as a path to greater strength, balance, flexibility, and serenity. She tried many styles of yoga, but found a deep connection to Iyengar instruction with its emphasis on awareness, proper alignment, and breath. Over the years, Bridget's practice has grown from one or two days a week to a daily asana and meditation practice. After years of encouragement by her wonderful teachers, Nancy Leigh-Smith and Eva Kastel, Bridget completed her 500-hour RYT at Downtown Yoga in Pleasanton and received her Ropes Teacher Training certification from Yoga Garden in San Francisco in 2017. Bridget credits the transformative power of yoga and meditation for deepening and enriching her pursuit of balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She brings all of this into her experience on and off the mat as a seeker, student, teacher, wife, and mother of four sons. She hopes to share the light and joy of yoga in a welcoming and supportive environment in her classes. Bridget is co-owner of Castro Valley Yoga.