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Barbara Lande

Barbara Lande's life was deeply enriched by studying theatre dance with Seamus Murphy, a dynamic and innovative Broadway dancer, who introduced her to the marvelous experience one can have when the mind and body come together to create meditation through movement. Years later, she was introduced to Pilates at the Center for Dance Medicine. Barbara immediately loved that Pilates elicited a mind-body connection through its basic principles of awareness, balance, breathing, centering, concentration, efficiency, fluidity, harmony, and precision. Barbara continues to pursue her interest in Pilates studying with Jean-Claude West, a master teacher, clinician, and inventor. In 2002, Barbara started taking yoga classes with Nancy Leigh-Smith. Yoga shares many of the same tenets as Pilates, but also offered Barbara new challenges. After five years of practicing yoga, she felt it was time to delve deeper into yoga and some of the related practices, such as breathing awareness (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana). She entered the Advanced Studies Program at the Yoga Room in Berkeley, where she studied with Donald Moyer and Sandy Blaine, among others. Barbara graduated this 500-hour program in 2009. Barbara combines her love of Pilates and yoga into a multi-disciplinary class that emphasizes core strength, freedom, efficiency of movement, flexibility, and balance. She teaches varying skill levels from absolute beginner to the more experienced student. Her teaching style is patient and respectful, and her ability to break down the poses into attainable movements supports her student's personal transformation, whether that is to recover from an injury, gain strength, improve balance and flexibility, or find personal inspiration through a mind-body practice. Email Barbara at
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